HSL Color Tool Now On GitHub

A little over a month ago I built a simple color tool to help myself learn a little more about color. I was specifically looking to understand the relationship between the hue, saturation, and lightness values that I read about and the rgb and hex values we typically use in css.

If you just want to grab the tool and skip my leading up to it, here’s the link.

If you missed it, I recorded a short screencast showing my color tool and talking about why I created it and why I think it can make for a useful learning tool with some additional development. Here’s the screencast again.


Note: This post includes a screencast. If you don’t see it above, Click here to watch.

At the time I promised I would put the tool online somewhere in case any of you wanted to play around with it, though first I wanted to add a few things to it. Unfortunately I haven’t had any time since to work on it and so still haven’t placed it online for use.

A few you of recently reminded me of my promise and asked again if I would place the tool online. I’ve been hesitant because I did want to make a few changes, but when Colm recently suggested uploading it to GitHub, I thought it made sense and would be a good home for it.

I have a GitHub account that I’ve been using mostly to bookmark projects I’ve been interested in and I’ve been meaning to do more with it. This past weekend I moved all the files of the tool to a repository I created and you can find what I’m calling the HSL Color Tool there.

You should be able to download everything as is and run it locally. Everything that’s needed to run it should be included. My apologies for not saying much in the readme, but it’s really not a complicated tool that needs a lot of explanation.

I do still plan on placing the tool online somewhere so you can play with it without downloading it and running it locally, but I’d like to set that up in a way where I’m still working it locally and pushing changes to the server instead of having to upload files over and over. As soon as I figure out the best way to make that happen I’ll let you know.

For now though feel free to download it from GitHub and feel free to improve upon it. Hopefully you find it useful.

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