Choosing Colors For Your Website

One of the earlier decisions you’re likely to make when designing your site is what colors to use. If you already have an existing logo the decision becomes easier as you’ll probably want to match the colors in the logo. But what if you don’t have an existing logo or the site is not going to use the colors in the current company logo?

Color evokes emotion and different colors convey different meanings to a person looking at them. One of the reasons you see blue used so frequently in websites is because blue is often associated with trust. Businesses want to earn your trust to convince you to make a purchase and using blue triggers your subconscious to trust them. You’ll even see the same thing in the clothing worn by salespeople. Often they will be dressed in blue.

Much visual information is transferred through color and it’s a very important consideration in your designs. Don’t just use your favorite colors as nice as they me. Make the color in your design work to improve your chances of making a sale.

Before choosing a design color you’ll need to understand your business and website goals. What image do you want your company and website to convey to potential customers? Is your site meant to show elegance? Passion? Tranquility? Whimsy? Are you trying to present your business as having a corporate image or is your image more down to earth.

Understand your market niche and think about how you want them to perceive your business. Once you decide how to present your business to your niche and what image you want them to associate with you your choice of color for your website becomes much easier. Use color to reinforce your company image and present consistency to your customers.


Color Meaning
The Meaning of Color in Web Design

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