Taking A Break

Do you ever find yourself with far more to do than you have time to do it? That’s the situation I’m in at the moment.

I have a few work projects and a few personal projects that I need and want to complete, but despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to find or make the time to complete them.

Something has to give if I’m ever going to find the time and every which way I look at it, the answer is always the same. The time I need is the time I spend writing here. I need to take a temporary break from that writing, if I’m ever going to complete these projects.

I decided to take the next few weeks off from this blog. Since I’ve been publishing so regularly and consistently for the last few years, I thought I would let you know that the break is planned.

I’ll be back the Tuesday after Labor Day (September 8th) with the start of a series about working with Sass.

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    • Thanks Robert. I’ll be publishing again starting next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day.

      The bad news though, is I’m going to drop the podcast for a time in order to focus on a few other things. I’ll podcast again, but for a little while I’m going to need to drop back to a post a week for a bit in order to have time for some other things including a new site I want to launch.

      I’ll explain more next week with Tuesday’s post.

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