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For the last few months I’ve been writing some posts for other sites. For whatever reason I keep forgetting to let you know so you can read them if you’re so inclined. Here are 6 of those guest posts, 2 each for 3 different sites.

Smashing Magazine

Two design posts that present some thoughts on commonly held design ideas. The first walks through and questions the absolute wisdom of the idea that form must always follow function in design. The second looks at Maslow’s hierarchy of psychological needs and then talks about them in the context of design.


You can see from the titles that both of the posts below are about css. The first talks in-depth about the css box model, which controls just about everything when it comes to the layout of a web page. The second is a long list of mostly short tips with snippets of code for doing things like centering in css, clearing floated elements, using background images as bullets in a list, etc.


This is a two part series that takes a PSD file and turns it into a working web page. It’s different than most of the posts you typically see on the same subject. Instead of presenting every bit of code I tried to talk more about different decisions you could make when moving from the design to the development stage and also explained my rationale for the decisions I made.

The first post talks more about the overall layout and the second posts gets into some of the details in developing different sections of the page. I created a working demo as well as a zip file of all my code along with the images I used in the demo.

I’ve already written a few more posts that should be published before too long and I’m working on a some others as well. I’ll try to do better when it comes to letting you know, though I may wait till a few are published so I’m not creating a post just to link to a single article.

Hope you like some or all of the above. Happy reading.

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  1. Hi Steven

    Just wanted to say congrats for being published on smashing magazine. I especially enjoyed: Designing For A Hierarchy Of Needs – fantastic read.

    Hope to see more 🙂

    • Thanks Aidan. That was an interesting article to write. I went into it with one opinion and came out with a slightly different opinion. Kind of cool when that happens.

      I am planning on writing more for Smashing Magazine. With the last couple of ideas I started writing, one of the other authors beat me to publishing the post and it didn’t make sense to send them a similar article so soon. Back to the drawing or writing board for me. 🙂

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