A Short Break

You may have noticed I’ve been posting a little less the last couple of weeks. A simple matter of being busy with a few other things that has left less time than usual for blogging. I expect the busy times to continue for a bit longer and instead of trying to force a few posts into the mix I thought I would take a short break from the blog. The break won’t be long, but I’ll probably be scarce here for the next week or so. I don’t want to leave you completely empty handed so here are a few posts I’ve written elsewhere that you may not have seen.

I’ve been been writing a series of posts for Outdoor Bloggers Summit and have a couple more planned in the weeks ahead. You may recognize the lead writer of the OBS blog as Kristine, who’s a frequent commenter here. She flatters me by calling the series Blog Master Class, but I’ll assume a modest pose and give you the titles of each post without the ego swelling part.

SEO is new subject to most of the Outdoor Bloggers Summit readers so these posts are of an introductory nature, but they are fairly comprehensive and I though you might enjoy reading them.

My Absence Will be Brief

I don’t expect to be away from here for long. At the very latest I’ll be back with This Month In SEO next Friday. I may pop in with a post before that, but I’m making no promises. My mind is on other things at the moment and I’d rather not publish some half hearted attempts.

What are the things occupying my mind?

They’re a combination of client work and work on my new site. Some of you know I’m actively working on moving everything here to a new domain. I’ll have plenty to say about the move and why I’m changing domains once it’s done. The new site is close to being finished (two or three weeks away?) and the closer it gets to being done the more my thoughts are there rather than here.

I think you’ll enjoy the new site and hope you’ll follow me there when the move is complete. I’ll keep you updated about resubscribing to the feed if necessary and all that good stuff.

For now forgive my temporary absence. I may find time to get in a post, but know that it may be next Friday before something new finds its way here. I will reply to comments as always so feel free to say hi in the meantime.

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  1. I don’t think calling the series the Blogging Master Class was in any way flattery. You have a lot of knowledge most of our members don’t have. I know they have been finding the series helpful.

    I’m glad you decided to take a break. Sometimes that is what you need to do. Hopefully you’ll come back refreshed and full of new ideas.

  2. @Kristine – Thanks. Maybe I’m just trying too hard to be modest. The last week or so my mind has been on other things and too many posts have felt forced when I was writing them. Hopefully they didn’t read as forced, but I thought a few days away might be good for me and let me get some other things done.

    @James – I’ll still be doing everything else I always do. I’m not taking a vacation or anything like that. I may even end up posting here. Mostly I want to take any pressure away from the feeling that I had to post something. And I didn’t want to simply stop posting for a week without letting everyone know.

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