How Critiquing Others Can Help Improve Your Designs

Last week Paul Burton shared some thoughts on A List Apart about Artistic Distance and how creatives need to be able to step back from their work in order to see it better. We can get too close, too emotionally attached to our own work masking the ability to see it for what it is.
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Blog Critique: Jack Robinson’s Blog On College Cram

Awhile back I mentioned a critiquing exercise I found very helpful in improving my own writing. I also offered to critique a post for anyone interested. Two people have taken me up on the offer and today I present my second blog critique, this time for Jack Robinson who posts at College Cram.
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Blog Critique: Rudy’s Blog On College Cram

About a month ago I mentioned how one way to improve your writing is to critique someone else’s writing. I described an exercise for critiquing that I’d learned in a creative writing course a number of years ago and offered to critique a post for anyone interested. Rudy Lopes agreed to be the subject for the experiment, the result of which follows.
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How Critiquing A Blog Can Improve Your Writing

Ball point pen
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A number of years ago my goal in life was to write the great American novel. As part of my learning the craft of writing I enrolled in a course one summer at the Gotham Writers’ Workshop. An exercise from the class still resonates with me as being one of the more useful ways to grow as a writer and I thought I’d share in the hopes you’ll find it useful too.
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