How Working in a Browser Shapes Your Design

Over the weekend I was listening to an On The Grid podcast where the discussion revolved around today’s tools for designing websites. Matt, Andy, and Dan discussed how current tools aren’t working as well as they did a few years ago and speculated about what better tools might look like.

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Is Responsive Design Soulless?

It feels like just last week we were defending creativity against some perceived limitation. Well here we are again. This time it’s responsive design that’s become the enemy of creativity. While I could simply point you to last week’s post and ask you to substitute every mention of Photoshop for responsive design, instead I have a few new things to offer.
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Do HTML And CSS Limit Photoshop Creativity?

Image editors and front end code have a rocky relationship at times. What’s easy to do in one can be difficult to do in the other. For years designers have created mockups for websites in programs like Photoshop only to have developers tell them parts of the design either weren’t possible or would take too long to code.
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Does Having Techniques Inhibit Your Creativity?

Do I have any favourite techniques [for designing]? Techniques are habits, and habits are a refusal of the moment and a reliving of the past. A habitual person is not interested in the present, but a person with habits can have style. The person who lives in the moment cannot have style.
Miles Newlyn

I came across the quote above via David Airey. It’s interesting and on the surface seems to make sense, but something about it didn’t sit right with me. I’ve been thinking about the quote for awhile and want to share why I disagree with it.
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Does Creativity Suffer With Responsive Workflows?

A couple of weeks ago I posted how workflows are changing with responsive design. Mike raised an interesting question in a comment on the post wondering about creativity or a lack of it with the new workflows. I replied, but had more to add.
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