Thoughts On Starting A Freelance Business

One of the questions I’m often asked is how I got started working for myself. How did I pick up clients early on. It’s something I’ve written about in the past, but also something I know people are interested in learning. Recently I was asked the question again by David of who’s a reader here as well as a member of my small business forum.

I thought I’d share what I said to David and add a few more thoughts about my own story getting started in the hopes they can help someone just starting out on the road to a freelancing business.
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Do You Have Goals For Your Business? Part II

Yesterday I talked about the importance of setting goals and walked through the successes and failures of the goals I set for 2009. I promised I’d give you a look into the goals I’m setting for 2010 and I’d also like to add some more thoughts about breaking down large projects into smaller tasks so you keep moving forward and complete those projects
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Do You Have Goals For Your Business? Part I

I’ve never cared much for resolutions. Within a few weeks you’ve generally given up on them and as the days get further from the New Year an excuse excuse seems to exist for waiting until next year. In the end little changes and you are the person you were in the moments before the calendar changed.
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Earn More By Becoming An Efficient Web Designer

Time is an important factor in how much money you make as a web designer. Your primary cost on any project is the time it takes you to complete that project. Learning to work more efficiently will save you time leading to more profitable projects. You can then take the time you saved to either have more free time or take on more projects to make more money.

Price = Rate x Time
Rate = Price / Time

Reduce your time while holding your price constant and your rate goes up. It’s in your best interest to work more efficiently and without too much effort you can get more done in less time.
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8 Tips For Getting Information From Clients

A few weeks ago a client approached me about designing a new site. I asked the usual questions. What are the goals of the site? How many pages? What will those pages include? Who’s the market for the site? etc. As happens too often there were no answers forthcoming. How does one go about designing a site without any indication of what that site will be about or what it’s purpose will be?
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