My Goals for 2012

Happy New Year everyone. Last time when it was still 2011 I was looking back at my failures for the year. But it’s not only a new day, it’s a new year, and it’s time to look ahead to the possibilities for 2012.

I think I learned why 2011 didn’t go as planned and have a better understanding how to get more done in the coming year and some of my goals below attempt to address both.

Here are some previous year’s setting goals posts in case you’d like to follow along with my goals over the years.

Closeup of January 2012 calendar

My Goals for 2012

Once again I’m going to list 4 things I’d like to accomplish even though that number proved to be too much last year. i’ve done better when only setting 3 major goals for the year, but hey you gotta live dangerously sometimes.

  • Finish redesign/wp framework
  • Improve time and task management
  • Find some people to work with
  • Write an eBook

Redesign and WordPress Framework

I’m tying these two together since they ultimately form part of a single project.

As I said last year the current design needs to go. It’s old and doesn’t reflect the kind of work I do or am capable of doing.

The aesthetic was tired by the time I introduced it. The content organization is hard to maintain. I feel cramped when trying to veer even slightly from the usual post format.

The design is limiting me from doing a variety of things I’d like to do with the site.

Additionally 20111 ushered in a time of change for the web design industry as it moves toward responsiveness and mobile thinking, and it’s time I get this site more inline with that new thinking.

Where the WordPress theme framework is concerned my goals are modest. All I really want to end up with is the beginnings of a framework I can start to use in my freelance practice. I’ll be happy with a 0.1 version.

I’ve wanted to enter the WordPress theme market in some way shape or form for years and have nothing to show for that desire. I also have some new ideas for a WordPress business model, though I’ll likely need help to make it happen.

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Improve Time and Task Management

A couple of years ago I read Getting Things Done, by David Allen and liked, for the most part, the ideas it contained. I took some of those ideas and modified them to better fit my own workflow, but over time I’ve fallen back into old habits and haven’t been following GTD principles as much as I’d like.

A review of the book should help me do a better job of putting its methods into practice. There were a few aspects of GTD I found hard to embrace and I’d like to give them more of a chance this time around.

Ultimately this is a goal with no specific end. The task will be to incorporate a better system and be consistent in following it.

I’ve also noticed how much time goes into maintaining this blog. If you’ve been reading for awhile you know I tend to write posts more of the epic variety than the quick thought or opinion. It takes a lot of time though, and I think I need to change things up some.

One aspect of the redesign is to make it easier to add different types of content such as audio and video. If all goes well I’ll introduce some screencasts to the mix and otherwise experiment with different formats and content types.

I’ve tried a few times before and have inevitably fallen back into the longer epic posts, but I’ll put a little more focus on changing things this year.

If I can do what I want to do it should allow me to publish more in less time, which I think would be good for both me and you.

Lego ice rink

Find Partners to Work With

This one is going to be hard for me. I’ve realized though, that I can’t do everything on my own. There’s only so much one person can do and if I want to see a few ideas realized I need to ask others to help me.

I have 2 projects in mind, one being a WordPress site and the other having to do with my forum where getting others on board will likely be necessary to see them get off the ground. I have people in mind to ask for the forum project, though I’m not sure who I’d ask on the WordPress idea.

One part of this goal will be for me to overcome some personal limitations and grow as a person. I’ll consider this goal a success if by the end of the year I’ve made a few connections and asked a few people for help even if they respond with a no.

Write an eBook

As I mentioned last year digital products are something I’d like to add to my business. I do want to become more entrepreneurial and move off some from my freelancing ways.

Given how all my posts end up being on the very long side, you’d think writing a book would be easy for me. I also wrote about 40,000 words for what turned out to be a 10,000 or so word chapter in Smashing Book 2.

I think this is a very doable goal for me and will mostly require commitment on my part to work consistently throughout the year.

Last year I didn’t really expect to get a book written and didn’t plan on starting till the end of the year. Ideally I’ll get started on this much sooner in 2012 even if I can only devote an hour or so a week to it.

If I can successfully put some better time and task management practices in place there’s no reason I can’t find a little time each week for a book.

Wish me luck.

Leaf holding a drop of water for a 2012 calendar


Last year didn’t turn out so well when it comes to accomplishing goals. I hope not to be saying the same a year from now when it’s December again.

Learning why I didn’t get things accomplished last year was nice, but it only goes so far. To accomplish goals you have to actually get things done.

My goals for this year are a combination of actionable tasks along with some changes in processes and a bit of self-growth thrown in for fun.

I think everything I set out above is achievable over the next 360 or so days before I report on how it all went, though I thought the same last year and look how that turned out.

Again wish me some luck. You should be able to tell how I’m doing if you start seeing some changes to the design here. If not feel free to remind me about this post to give me the kick I need.

How about you? Do you set goals each year? If so are there any you’d like to share? Have you been better than me about reaching those goals?

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  1. I can certainly identify with your resolution to make this year the year that you finally release that WordPress theme you’ve always promised yourself you would.

    I’d be interested to hear what your projects might be.

    • Hopefully 2012 will be the year. 🙂

      I’m not yet ready to talk about some of the projects in public, since there could be a competitive advantage to keeping quiet a bit.

      However some of the projects are things like writing an ebook about web design or similar on business for my forum. One of the hardest parts for me is being able to create all the content because there’s only so much I can create in a given time frame. Ideally I’ll connect with some people who can help in the content creation.

      A lot of the projects do involve the creation of some kind of digital content.

    • I do. I reflect on both what went well and what didn’t go so well. I think it’s important to review what you’ve done to better understand how to do things in the future.

      This post listed the goals for 2012. A more recent post looks back on these goals and what I did and didn’t accomplish and what I can learn from both.

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