Increase Sales, Conversions, And Profits With The “Rule Of Odds”

Why do we believe that in all matters the odd numbers are more powerful?
–Pliny the Elder, Natural History

I came across an interesting post yesterday by Dan Tudor about how using odd numbers is more profitable than using even numbers. After a little digging there seems to be a “rule of odds” in composition, which may serve as a general theory to the rule of three I mentioned in the past.
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The Rule Of Three And Sales Conversions

A simple rule in writing suggests that things that are grouped in threes are more satisfying to the reader and are more effective than any other number of things at delivering a message. For whatever reason human beings tend to think of things in triplets. We remember things best in threes and scan visual elements better when grouped in three. By using and appropriately breaking the rule of three can we improve conversions on our websites?

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The 5 Step Sales Process Online

All customers go through a 5 step buying process when making a purchasing decision. On the other side there is a 5 step selling process. If you want to make more sales on your website you should build your site so it utilizes this sales process and and leads potential customers along the way and converts them into paying customers.

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