What M*A*S*H Can Teach You About Blogging

M*A*S*H: Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

Early last week Ben Cook offered up some lessons on blogging using the show M*A*S*H as a backdrop for those lessons. At the end of his post Ben asked the rest of us to continue the discussion and since M*A*S*H is one of my all time favorite shows I couldn’t resist. Here are some further lessons on blogging that come from one of tv’s most watched and most loved shows.
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The Secret To More Subscribers: Go Back To High School

At least when it comes to their reading comprehension.

It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Less people will complete a doctorate as will complete a four year undergraduate degree. Less people will compete a four year degree as will graduate high school. Less education usually means less reading and less reading leads to a lower level of reading comprehension. If the words and sentences you use are too complex a number of people who might otherwise appreciate what you have to say may have trouble following how you’re saying it.
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How Critiquing A Blog Can Improve Your Writing

Ball point pen
Photo by AMagill

A number of years ago my goal in life was to write the great American novel. As part of my learning the craft of writing I enrolled in a course one summer at the Gotham Writers’ Workshop. An exercise from the class still resonates with me as being one of the more useful ways to grow as a writer and I thought I’d share in the hopes you’ll find it useful too.
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5 Step Process To Consistently Improve Your Blog

Read enough tips and it’s easy to convince yourself that your blog is wholly inadequate or there’s no way you’ll ever be able to find the time to incorporate all of them into your own blog. Fear not. It’s easier than you think. All it takes is the right approach and the desire to form some good habits.
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Can Your Personal Blog Hurt Your Career?

If you’re visibly associated with a corporate blog should you also write a personal blog? If you do how far can you push your own opinions, especially when they might differ from the official stance at your company? Could your personal blog come back to hurt the company you work for? Might co-workers find your blog and begin to think less of you? Could any of these things ultimately hurt your career?
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