How we’ll work together

No two websites are exactly the same and so the design and development process for building a site isn’t set in stone. Factors such as time and cost, or the unique characteristics of your site may lead to variation in the process. Below is the typical process we’ll follow in working together to build your site.

Design Process

Research and Information Gathering — A successful website is built through a series of steps that involve both designer and client. The first step is getting to know each other so I can better understand your business, your customers, and your goals for the website. I’ll spend some time researching your industry and probably asking you a bunch of questions.

Information Architecture — Once I’ve gathered the information I need I’ll begin working out how to organize your content. I’ll help you determine what needs to be on the site and figure out how to best organize and present that information. During this time I’ll sketch out possible solutions for structure and layout of your site.

Style and Aesthetics — Based on our conversations I’ll generate some ideas for how your site will look. I’ll put together ideas on what typeface(s) and color scheme could be used. I’ll create a mood board that will offer ideas for how your site will look and feel once complete. At the end of this phase I’ll send you several design images for the major sections and pages of your site. All the while you’ll be offering feedback and through our collaboration we’ll fine tune the design of your site.

Prototype — An image can only tell you so much about how a web page will work and react to user interaction. As soon as possible I’ll build several representation pages of the site based on the design images I’ve sent. With further feedback I’ll continue to adjust and fine tune the design.

Develop a live site — Once we’re happy with the prototype pages I’ll begin to build the real site. I mainly work with WordPress as I’ve found it to be capable of powering most any site as well as being easy for you to use. I’ll develop the theme that will become your site and then build out the pages. Again I’ll ask for your feedback to further refine the finished site.

Site Management and Consulting

A website is never truly finished. Successful sites are those that continue to improve. They add new content. They interact with an audience. They take advantage of new technologies when appropriate. A successful website is one that lives and breathes. It grows with the business. After your site is launched I’m available for ongoing site maintenance and consulting.