Happy Thanksgiving From An Overcast Day New York City

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone living in the U.S. and Happy Thursday to those of you living somewhere else in the world.

As we do each year, my family heads into Manhattan the day before Thanksgiving to take in the city. This year we were back to our usual walk from Penn Station to the upper east side to visit The Met and then for a walk through Central Park. We used to watch the parade floats being inflated, but it’s become more of a hassle the last few years and it’s no longer part of our day.

I do my best to take pictures as we walk. This year the day was overcast and most of my pictures didn’t turn out all that well, however, I managed to find enough to post.

Welcome to New York

This year’s flight had me in the air when the sun was setting. The picture doesn’t quite capture the colors I saw, but hopefully it gives you a sense of what it’s like to be in the air at sunset.

As you can see, this year we had an overcast day. The turkey is above one of the entrances to Macy’s and you can see the Empire State Building in the background.

Macy’s Window Display

On the way uptown we always stop at the department store window displays, starting with Macy’s which is just a couple blocks from Penn Station. Hopefully these images give you the flavor of the displays along with the reflections of the buildings across the street.

Lord and Taylor’s Window Display

Lord and Taylor’s is the next stop on our way uptown. The first two images are from full window displays and the latter two images are smaller displays where I can press my camera right up against the window to avoid the reflection.

Saks 5th Avenue Window Display

Some year’s Saks doesn’t have their display out this early, but this year they did and as you can see the theme was Snow White.

The Met

We saw two exhibits when we finally arrived at The Metropolitan Museum. The first was very large Michelangelo exhibit, which was packed with people. It was hard enough to see some of the art, let alone get pictures, but I did manage to capture a couple of busts.

We were also able to see a David Hockney exhibit. It’s not open to the general public yet, but it is open to museum members and fortunately for us my brother David is a member.

Central Park

By the time we left The Met the sun had come out for our walk through Central Park. I’m always struck by the contrast between the park and the Manhattan skyline in the background.

Happy Thanksgiving

I’ll leave you with a few .mp4 videos from the window displays at Macy’s and Lord and Taylor’s. Hopefully they give you a better sense of what the displays are like along with the sounds of the city and the people walking by.


Once again, have a Happy Thanksgiving or the best Thursday you can have. Hopefully next year we’ll have better weather throughout the day and I’ll be able to do a better job making pictures.

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