How To Create Designs You Know To Be Good

When you finish a new design what do you usually think of it. Do you like it? Hate it? Do you find your work sometimes disappoints you and makes you question your decision to become a web designer?
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5 Design Decision Making Styles

The best designs come from not one, but hundreds of well-made decisions. The worst designs arise out of hundreds of poorly-made decisions. All that stands between you and a great design is the quality of your decisions. Where do they come from?
Jared Spool

From choosing a typeface to deciding on consistent button colors. How do you make design decisions? What kind of designer are you?
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Thoughts On Building A Web Design Community

A couple of weeks ago Vitaly Friedman asked the the web community where it had gone? Vitaly’s main concern seems to be a lack of participation in meaningful design discussions aimed at improving web design as compared to a number of years ago.
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How A Limited Palette Can Make You A Better Designer

Recently I came across the short video below in which noted designer Massimo Vignelli suggests (PDF) we use too many typefaces and designers wouldh be better off sticking with a dozen or so well done fonts our entire careers.
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3 Representational Models That Affect Usability

A few weeks ago while talking about visual perception and memory, I mentioned how the mental models your audience hold affect how they perceive your designs. Today I want to expand on the topic and consider the conceptual model of the designer as well as the interaction model or where designer and audience meet.
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