Thoughts On Developing A Responsive Design Workflow

Print design has the physical constraint of the canvas. The format is fixed. The situation is different on the web. We can’t know in advance exactly how someone will view our sites. We don’t have a fixed canvas. We need to create websites with the ability to adapt and respond.
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Does Your Audience Care About Design?

You’re likely familiar with services like Readability and Instapaper that aim (in part) to make reading better by stripping away the boilerplate of a website and serving up the content in minimalist style.
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23 Books About Design You Ought To Read

I often mention how I read a lot of books and how much of what you read here came to me via one design book or another. Perhaps just as often someone asks me which books I’ve read and would recommend. It’s probably time I mentioned a few of them.
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Is Content Necessary Prior To Web Design?

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration

The above is a tweet from about 3 years ago that recently came to my attention via Luke Wroblewski. It’s hardly controversial, however, I think the quote above can be taken too literally.
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How To Steal Like A Designer And Produce Better Work

Good artists borrow great artists steal
Pablo Picasso

I’m sure you’ve seen the above quote before. What does it really mean? Is it an ok from one of the world’s great artists to literally steal from others? Is it an excuse to ignore copyright? No and no. It’s a much deeper statement about the creative process.
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