Rearranging Boxes — Why You Should Structure Your HTML To Be Flexible

One of the words that comes up again and again in conversations about responsive design is the word flexible. We need to create flexible layouts where we’re choreographers of our content.

Much of the conversation revolves around making your css flexible. Equally as important is how you structure your html.
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Why You Need To Keep Up With New Technologies

How well do you keep up with the latest and greatest technologies? Do you use them in practice as soon as possible? Learn them for when the time is right? Wait until everyone says they’re ok to use?

I’d like to share a little of my own story where learning new technologies come in.
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Thoughts About Responsive Design

When offering thoughts on developing a responsive workflow I mentioned that responsive design is ushering in a new phase of web design. It’s more than a few techniques slapped together under a new name.
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Why (And How) You Should Use HTML5 Microdata

Structured data is a way to communicate more information about your content to any machine or program capable of understanding the structure. It’s a way to give more semantic meaning to your content and data.
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How To Design Headlines and Subheadings

Headlines draw people into your copy and they help strengthen information scent. Subheadings create a hierarchy and allow you to communicate messages to those who scan. How should we visually design these very important parts our pages?
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