26 Development (And Design) Books You Might Enjoy

A few months ago I shared 23 design books I’ve read and enjoyed. In a comment Aman asked if I could do the same for development books. This post would suggest the answer is yes.
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Are You Solving Design Problems Or Forcing Solutions On Them?

If you are an artist, you can do anything you want. It’s perfectly all right. Design serves a different purpose. If in the process of solving a problem you create a problem, obviously, you didn’t design.
Massimo Vignelli

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How To Add Non-Textual Elements To A Baseline Grid

A few weeks ago I offered some tips for setting up a baseline grid. In a comment Raul wondered why most articles about baseline grids focused on textual elements while not mentioning non-textual elements such as forms.
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22 Examples Of Different Grid Types On The Web

A few months ago I posted about 4 different types of grids common in design — the manuscript grid, the column grid, the modular grid, and the hierarchical grid.
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Tips For Setting Up A Baseline Grid

When people talk about typographic grids it often revolves around the horizontal and aligning elements to columns of precise widths. The vertical gets slighted at times due to the dynamic heights of web pages.

However, we shouldn’t ignore the vertical. We should set the vertical to a baseline grid.
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