How To Achieve Simplicity In Design

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication
Leonardo da Vinci

In his now classic book Art and Visual Perception, Rudolph Arnheim noted that people will perceive and interpret ambiguous or complex shapes as the simplest form possible. There’s something inherent in us that prefers the simple to the complex.
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10 Principles Of Good Design: Dieter Rams

What makes for good design? Are there general principles for what makes one design better than another that can guide us? Dieter Rams thought so.
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What Visual Impression Can You Convey In An Instant?

People begin forming judgements about you, your site, your business in an instant. Canadian researches at Carleton University suggested that within 50 ms (1/20th of a second) visitors to your site are making judgements about its visual appeal.

How much can you communicate in 50ms?
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How To Make Forms More Usable With HTML5

Forms are how we interact with websites. We use forms to contact site owners, login to applications, reply to comments and so much more. Forms generally don’t inspire love. We don’t like filling them out or creating them. html5 forms want to help change that.
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26 Development (And Design) Books You Might Enjoy

A few months ago I shared 23 design books I’ve read and enjoyed. In a comment Aman asked if I could do the same for development books. This post would suggest the answer is yes.
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