Does Having Techniques Inhibit Your Creativity?

Do I have any favourite techniques [for designing]? Techniques are habits, and habits are a refusal of the moment and a reliving of the past. A habitual person is not interested in the present, but a person with habits can have style. The person who lives in the moment cannot have style.
Miles Newlyn

I came across the quote above via David Airey. It’s interesting and on the surface seems to make sense, but something about it didn’t sit right with me. I’ve been thinking about the quote for awhile and want to share why I disagree with it.
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Rhythm And Proportion In Grids And Type

Last week I offered some thoughts about rhythm, specifically the rhythm of visual elements. Those thoughts were focused more on the theory. Today I want to lean more toward the practical side and talk about aspects of design we work with regularly and how we can add rhythm to our work through them.
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Where Does This Design Succeed And Fail?

It’s hard enough offering objective and useful criticism to a a fellow designer. Imagine trying to remain objective about your own work. I’ve been talking about the redesign of this site for awhile now and walking you through the thought process for many of my decisions. It’s time to wrap up the series and I thought why not conclude with a critique of my design.
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3 Types Of Rhythm You Can Create Visually

As soon as you place more than one element on the page you create a pattern and pattern is the seed of rhythm. Whether or not you plan for it, your design will have rhythm running through it. Rhythm activates space. Rhythm creates mood. Rhythm can lead visitors through your design.
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