Is It More Important To Know How Or To Know Why?

As an industry we’re more focused on how to do something than the why behind it. There are valid reasons for that, notably that knowing how to do something is more directly connected to your bank account than knowing why it works. Why is important though and I think we need more content online offering the why.
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Does Your Design Set The Right Context For Your Content?

When talking about different aspects of design I often mention the word context. However, I realize I don’t always talk about the importance of that word and why we should always be thinking about the context within which we work. Today I want to correct that and offer some thoughts about context.
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What Should You Learn Next?

With so many things to learn what you should you take on next? What’s necessary to learn in order to become a better designer or developer? I’ve taught myself X, but don’t know whether I should now learn Y, Z, or Q. These are common questions and I want to offer some thoughts in reply.
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7 Websites That Incorporate Rhythm In Their Design

Rhythm is patterned movement. When visually present in a design, it creates interest and leads the eye from one element to the next. How do web designers incorporate rhythm in the sites they build?
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Does Having Techniques Inhibit Your Creativity?

Do I have any favourite techniques [for designing]? Techniques are habits, and habits are a refusal of the moment and a reliving of the past. A habitual person is not interested in the present, but a person with habits can have style. The person who lives in the moment cannot have style.
Miles Newlyn

I came across the quote above via David Airey. It’s interesting and on the surface seems to make sense, but something about it didn’t sit right with me. I’ve been thinking about the quote for awhile and want to share why I disagree with it.
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