Mighty Deals For Design Professionals: Sponsored Review

As a creative professional you often need a variety of tools when working on a project. On one project you might be looking for a certain style of Photoshop brush. On another you might need a high quality WordPress theme. If you’re like me you search at the beginning of a project or at the moment the need hits sometimes wasting hours.

If you look to the right you’ll notice a new sponsor in the sidebar. MightyDeals.com aims to be a one-stop shop for creative professionals and trusted merchants. Instead of searching for the gradient you need, MightyDeals wants to bring the gradient to you through different deals the site will offer.


I thought I’d let the developers tell you what the site is about and then offer a few thoughts of my own.

On MightyDeals.com, sellers and merchants can run 24-hour specials on products and services such as applications, WordPress themes, templates and fonts, among many others. The site will serve as a place for designers to find the best deals and for businesses to reach new customers.

Web designers and graphic designers looking to find great deals on these products and services can sign up for the company’s email alerts. When a deal becomes available, they will automatically be notified. The site requires no registration or membership fee, and access to its “daily deals” is free for all users.

For businesses, the website offers an opportunity to gain exposure, boost sales and reach out to thousands of new customers. Due to the popularity of its sister site, Webdesigner Depot, MightyDeals.com will already attract thousands of creative professionals from around the world.

The site launched Monday with it’s first deal being the Ultimate Designer’s Toolkit. 55,000 icons, vector shapes, gradients, styles, patterns, PSDs, brushes, textures and more for just $49. Essentially it was a one year membership to a site offering thousands of resources.

Sadly that deal has expired, but the current deal is a $50 voucher for the inkd marketplace for just $10. Yes, $10 to buy a $50 voucher, which sounds like another pretty good deal.


My Thoughts

When going through my feedreader each morning I come across a lot, and I mean a lot of posts pointing you toward this icon pack or that set of textures. There’s clearly a market for resources for designers. And with that market exists a way for designers to make some extra cash or build a business around developing resources.

Ultimately MightyDeals will succeed or fail based on the deals they offer, but given the ability of Webdesigner Depot to deliver exposure to an existing market and given that the first two deals seem to offer good value for the price, I suspect the site will do well.

I like that there’s no signup or registration for either sellers or buyers. That should help reduce friction for both.

I also like that MightyDeals offers the ability to sign up for alerts when new deals go live. The downside of that is being overwhelmed with a lot of email offers you aren’t really interested in.

What would be nice would be to allow some sort of filtering to the alerts so you could be made aware when a new deal goes live for WordPress themes, but not have to know about a deal for Illustrator brushes if you don’t use Illustrator.

You can also be alerted through an rss feed, the site’s Twitter account, or their Facebook fan page.

Tags on the rss feed or hastags at Twitter might serve as a filtering function and be a nice additon.

MightyDeals is still wet behind the ears, being in existence only a few days as I’m writing this, but so far so good. The early deals offer value for the price and I can see both sellers and buyers finding value in the site overall.

Whether you’re interesting in getting some great deals or create a lot of resources you’re not sure what to do with, it’s probably worth giving MightyDeals a look.

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