8 Tips To Work With Better Freelance Clients

Are you happy with your clients? Are they giving you projects you enjoy? Paying enough for your time? Hopefully you answered yes, but I often hear freelancers saying they’d like better clients. I thought I’d offer some ideas to help you build a better client list.
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5 Questions Your Freelance Business Needs To Answer

When starting a freelance design business do you need to create a business plan? You can easily find opinions for and against. For me it comes down to how you define a business plan.
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7 Tips For Freelance Success That I Didn’t Follow

When first starting a freelance business you usually have a lot of questions. You’ll likely turn to others for answers, including articles and posts offering advice. How important is it for you to follow their advice? Do you need to follow every tip offered or is it ok to do things how you think best?
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My Taoist Approach To Freelance Business

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Commonly offered advice when starting a business is to follow your passion. You find something you love and then figure out how to build a business around that love. The other side of the advice is to follow the money. Think first of existing and potential markets that offer the best chances of making a profit and build businesses around those markets.
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Do You Know How You Limit Your Success

Many business reach points where they seem to be stuck. They’ve plateaued and the business has difficulty growing. No matter how much work is put in they seem to be held back by some arbitrary limit. Often the limit is us, the owners of these business. The limits are the ones we’ve imposed and if we can recognize how we’ve limited ourselves and our businesses we can break through the plateau and attain new levels of success.
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