4 Simple Ways to Grow Your Brand

“No matter where you go, there you are.”
– unknown

You are your brand. Your brand is you. Wherever your go, there is your brand. Every action you take, every word you speak, every impression you leave, affects how others view your brand.
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Should SEOs Work For Commission?

Would you offer your seo services for commission only? As a small business owner would you request someone to market your site based only on how many sales you make? The question of commission based seo services arose in a thread on the Small Business Forum where the original poster was hoping to get just that. He wanted to get in the top 10 in Google or Yahoo offering 10% of sales generated from search engine optimization in return. Would you take the deal?
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Computer Problems

As luck would have it, tonight the graphics card on my laptop decided it was a good day to stop working. I’ve managed to grab an older laptop I have laying around and am trying my best to get it up to speed. Getting up to speed is requiring a lot of updating given this laptop has seen little use the last 2+ years. I’m doing my best, but I may not be online as much as usual the next couple of days.
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Can Your Personal Blog Hurt Your Career?

If you’re visibly associated with a corporate blog should you also write a personal blog? If you do how far can you push your own opinions, especially when they might differ from the official stance at your company? Could your personal blog come back to hurt the company you work for? Might co-workers find your blog and begin to think less of you? Could any of these things ultimately hurt your career?
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Borrowing Innovation And Thinking Laterally

Which nation was the richest and most powerful in Europe in the early 17th century? About 20 years ago a college professor asked our class a similar question. I knew the answer was Holland, but not because I had the first clue about the political climate at the time, but rather because most of the artists of the time who’s names I knew were dutch.

The more varied your knowledge, the more sources from which you can draw, the more connections you can make to solve problems and generate new ideas.
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