Why Vanseo Design?

You decide your business needs a website. Maybe your website will be your business or maybe you want to have your existing site redesigned. You go through the process of hiring a designer; searching, seeking recommendations, asking questions.

You settle on a design firm and they give you the site you want and then you move to the next step of interviewing potential SEOs to optimize the site for search engines.

The scenario above is typical, but it leads to a couple of problems.

  1. Your marketing needs to be built into your site from the start and not bolted on after. Thinking about SEO before your site is designed and built is the better approach.
  2. It’s likely your designer was not an SEO and one of the first things the SEO you later find will want to do is rebuild your site. You end up paying twice for the same work.

Design and Development that Nurtures SEO

How your site is built plays a large role in how well it can rank. How your site is developed can enhance your marketing or stop it dead in its tracks. A few lines of search engine un-friendly code can prevent your site from ever being indexed leaving your site invisible to searchers.

A search engine friendly site on the other hand improves a site’s potential to rank and increases your visibility to potential customers as they search.

As a small business owner you probably have a limited budget. Having your site designed to be search engine friendly saves you money by:

  1. Helping your site rank for less competitive phrases right away.
  2. Maximizing all your current and later seo efforts so you can rank for competitive phrases sooner.

Happy Visitors

Because my skills cross the design/development and marketing/seo industries I can build a site that both real people and search engine spiders will find what they want.

Your visitors will be happy with a professionally designed site that loads quickly, has intuitive navigation, and is usuable and accessible.

Search engine spiders will be happy to find a site that provides no roadblocks to indexing, presents quick and easy access to individual pages, and makes clear the theme of the site by the way it’s structured.

You’ll be happy with a site that costs little to maintain, maximizes it’s potential to rank, and lays a solid foundation for all of your marketing.

Trust and Communication

In addition to a professional website that’s prepped for search engine optimization you get a reliable designer who’ll treat you with respect from your first contact to your last.

I’m easy to talk to and happy to explain anything you want to know without jargon. The best websites are created as a collaboration between designer and site owner.

I’ll make suggestions throughout the process with the goal of giving you the site you want, while taking care of all the details behind the scenes.

Still Not Sure?

I understand. It’s not an easy decision to make. Let’s face it you’ve read copy on a variety of designer sites or will and they all sound convincing. I know I offer a great value, but how are you to know?

The best way to find out is to get in touch. Send me an email (info@vanseodesign.com), give me a call (303.901.8550), or fill out the contact form up and to the right.

I’ll be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.

If you need even more time poke around the site and read through a few posts on my blog. Take your time. I’ll be here whenever you’re ready.