What Others Are Saying

Holly Gordon

It has been nothing short of a miracle in finding Vanseo Design to fine-tune my website for speed and efficiency, to maintain my website in a timely fashion and to add to it as my needs as an emerging artist necessitate.

I had been through the cyber-wringer with web designers who promised quick results but failed to deliver…until Steve entered the picture.

Steve has turned a slow, inefficient, but artistic site into a tight and quick moving one without sacrificing the aesthetics. He knows technical computer stuff and can explain it to non-computer orientated people without being condescending. I have learned so much. He is always willing to explain, in detail, the answers to my frequent questions.

Steve is accessible. He is quick to email and talk on the telephone. I can describe to Steve what I want to add to my site and as I do I can hear his brain working to solve the problem. Sometimes he will suggest multiple solutions. Then he works quickly to create the new module and test it before making it live.

With all the recent surge of interest in my work it is essential to keep my site fresh with current exhibits and press articles. I am deliriously happy at the speed with which Steve adds these updates…sometimes as we speak.

Every contact I have is impressed with the quality of my site and the management of it. Thank you Steve!

Holly Gordon
Holly Gordon Photographer, Inc.

David Makela

I have known Steve for several years now and we have become good friends. We met on a small business forum where I contacted him to host my web site that was being designed. In our first conversation we talked for over an hour and learned we had a lot in common from owning and operating a small business to our general outlook on life.

Steve grew up in New York where his family resides, and he comes home every Thanksgiving to visit. A few years ago we talked about meeting since I’m not too far away in Massachusetts. We both like baseball so we met at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to meet there again the following year.

Steve and I are friends, but we don’t let our friendship hinder our business relationship. I had him redesign my web site and his knowledge of SEO already has the site on the first page of many search results in
only a matter of a week or so since it became live.

I pay Steve a monthly fee to work on my site to assure everything stays current, and to help the site rank well in the search engines. I can’t wait for the day when the phone book will be obsolete and I can depend mostly on the internet for my marketing and advertising.

Steve is a man of integrity and will be there to help you with your questions and needs whenever they arise. I would recommend Steve’s expertise to anyone.

Thanks friend,
Dave Makela
Makela Fence

Christine Macdonald

Steve provides personal service in what otherwise can be an impersonal medium. From our initial contact with him, Steve has been quite generous with his time in explaining how the Internet functions and how to situate a business website within it. Just as we want to convey to our own clients that our website connects them with a craftsman who builds unique furniture, Steve conscientiously applies his expertise to our individual needs.

We know we can call or email him with any sort of cyber question and he is ready to help. In fact, when we needed to buy a new computer for our business, he helped answer our technical questions as we navigated our choices. Steve takes the time to educate his clients about the web and we look forward to continuing to work with him as our business grows.

Christine Macdonald
Andrew Macdonald, Furnituremaker, LLC

Karen Braschuk

What makes a good web designer?

Well first of all, one who works “with” you. One who listens to your needs and ideas and is intuitive and respectful of both. That would summarize Steve to a perfect “t”.

When I first approached Vanseo Design about my web design idea, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, as this was new territory for me. Steve walked me through the whole process and made it seem easy. In fact, I’m sure it was easy for him!

The entire time I dealt with Steve and Vanseo Design, I felt an immediate response to my questions, my endless editing, and my constant changing of ideas. I am the typical fussy customer. Steve was approachable, patient and made the whole experience fun for me, rather than scary.

Thank you, Steve, for fulfilling my vision and adding your valuable input. I would work with you again in a heartbeat!

Karen Braschuk
Office Support 911

Matt Fischer

Steve was great to work with. He not only gave me exactly the site I wanted, he also thought of things to include that I hadn’t even considered. He responded to my requests clearly and consicely in a timely manner usually on the same day.

Steve showed great patience throughout the process and in the end I think he spent more time working on my site than I originally contracted for. I am extremely happy with my finished site and will continue to have Steve host and maintain it. I would recommend Vanseo Design to anyone looking for web design and development services.

Matt Fischer

Ty Hammes

Steve has a great understanding of PHP and MySQL programming, which is essential for creating interactive sites and adding database capabilities to a website. When I have questions in this area I go to him for consulting. Not only is he extremely knowledgable, but he is also very conscientious about the performance of the sites that he works on and is patient and generous with his time, making sure that you get the results you need. A great person to work with.

Ty Hammes
Web Designer
Gavea Designs